Love This Castle....Now this is a home away from home.[teehee]

Hope You enjoy your visit here. My dragons don't bite lol..
They just like to play and fly around my castle. As
you will see through my pages, I try to make it nice and cozy..
So come journey with me and let me share a part of my world.*Smiles*

Greetings my friends to my new home page.Im just learning,

so please come back to visit.I will be adding many things.
I hope you find these pages pleasant and return often to see
what I am up to next..lol.. Never know what idea will hit me
next. I see something or feel something and it just goes from
there..lol.So drop by often. *Smiles*
Oh yeah...ummm I dunno why...but my pages are best viewed
in netscape browsers..chuckles...sorry, but I just can't
seem to make them work right in internet explorer. Ah well...
progress rather than perfection..right? ~S~

As You journey through my little home away from home,
you will find that I have a passion for many things. I
am a hopeless romantic, love mystical fantasy, angels with
with a passion, poetry and music, and my recovery is my
life. If you see someone without a smile, give them one
of yours. *Smiles* A quote my uncle always told everyone.

Midi playing is Over the hill and far away--Zeppelin

My Links

In Memory of Barry: My guardian angel
My Escape: Thoughts and Solitude
My Story: Sharing a part of me, and also a wonderful song by Aerosmith.
Sharing Recovery: My recovery page and links to more recovery. new page
Sharing Angels and Thoughts: My new Angels page. Also my good friend Davids poem. new page
I AM: One of my first attempts at poetry.lol..Hope it brings meaning as it did to me!
Dreams:Another short poem, and an old tune I always loved.~S~
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Hi again my friends..Yes it's me Lattra...aka trueblue ...lol..I use both
my real name and my trueblue name in the halls of yahoo chat..smiles. I
like trueblue cuz it reminds me of the ..well You all know..To Thine own self
be true!!! This is a pic of me in California..Just one of the many promises
that has happened for me in my recovery..Once again..I would just like to
thank you all for stopping by..and for all the words of kindness and
encouragement You have givin me on my site..Thank you...

This Promises of Recovery site owned by Lattra.
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