Do you trust Me?

When you hold me in the night...
You whisper Do you trust me in my ear....
taking away all my fear.....
You carry me to your bed .....
Your strong hands pulling my hands above my head.....
no longer am i free..
You lean down and whisper "Do you trust me".......

His Touch of Trust
Gracefully walks over to the candle lit long golden locks
flowing down my slender back..the soft glow of the candle light
shimmering in my sparkling deep blue eyes...He rises and gently takes
my tiny hand in His..leaning down brushing His lips softly against
my tiny hand...a small gasp escapes my lips...He pulls my chair out
for me as i gently lower myself to sit...taking a sip of my sparkling
water to try and compose heart pounding in my ears as W/we
lock eyes with E/each other...W/we finish O/our dinner....He rises and
moves behind me...leaning down He whispers in my ear..Do you trust me?
Feeling His nearness..inhaling His insides quiver..but yet
i do...i whisper yes m'Lord i do...He reaches inside His pocket..bringing
out a soft silk blindfold placing it over my eyes and gently tieing it
...He gently pulls me to my feet and guides me across the room...His
strong hand placed on my slender back..He leads me to the
insides quivering...He lifts me up into His strong arms..making His
way up the stairs with ease...It seems a long time before W/we stop at
His chambers...knowing to well from all the times He has brought me
here before the surroundings..inhaling the familiar scents surrounding
me. knowing W/we are at the two large oak doors of His chambers..Pushing
through the doors, He makes His way to a very familiar place.. His
bed...gently sitting me body quivers at His nearness.. my mind
soaring wondering what m'Lord is going to do next.. Then His whisper
gently sounds in my ear ever so close.."I have a surprise for you tonight
my sweet, sit still and I will be right back"... i whisper "yes m'Lord"
i try to sit completely still listening as m'Lord moves around the room
shuffling something about.. my mind insides
quivering but yet burning...wanting to feel His touch..."Stand up my sweet,
and disrobe for me" longer a whisper..His voice rings into my ears.
Quickly i stand for m'Lord..raising my hands to the tie in my robe. letting
it fall open..the cool air rushes over my nipples harden..reaching
up to my shoulders letting it fall to the floor ..a small gasp escapes me
as the cool air brushes over me..knowing His eyes are upon me..."lift
your arms my sweet" body quivers... slowly i lift my arms for Him.
suddenly i feel soft material moving down over my arms..o O ( spandex..yes
that is what it is) my mind wondering frantically. Feeling the dress move
down over my body..the long sleeves move down over my arms.. there is
no back though..quivering as m'Lord pulls the dress down just over my hips,
just enough to cover my bottom.. a smile plays on my lips knowing why this
dress is so short...wishing i could see it..wondering the color, and what
it looks like on me..feeling His hand gently lift my foot and slip on
first my right foot, then my left foot, a perfect fitting pair of heels
smiling softly at the comfortable fit."Do you trust me true?" His voice mind immediately brought back to His attention.. my body
quivers once more at His words...softly whispering back.."yes m'Lord,
yes i do"..Gently He leads me across the room and stops...CLICK CLICK
the cold metal cuffs clasp around each of my wrist..His lips crush down
over mine in a deep kiss. Hungrily i kiss Him back as my body quivers, but
yet burns with passion and calmness..feeling the soft silk blindfold lifted
from my eyes..O/our eyes meet and lock..the passion burning within U/us
only W/we share.Gently He turns me to face a standing eyes
fill with tears at the beauty looking back at me in the mirror.He looks
wonderfully handsome dressed all in black..a small gasp escapes me watching
Him...The black turtleneck hugging His masculine chest..The tight fit of
His jeans exposing the bulge of His power within. my black dress hugging
every inch of my slender shape, the part it covers.. leaving much exposed
for His pleasure. The low neck line giving much exposure to my elagant
neck..The low back just stopping at the very bottom of my lower back.
Matching black leather heels fitting perfectly, giving my tanned legs
that extra look of elagance..Smiling softly as i look up into His blue
eyes..seeing the passion burning blue eyes filling with tears
"Thank You m'Lord...the dress and shoes are beautiful.." "Shall W/we go
then?" You whisper... "Go m'Lord?"..."Yes my sweet..I told you I have a
surprise for you"..Your eyes sparkling as a grin plays on His lips."But
m'Lord, i thought this was the surprise?" .."Come true..let's be on O/our
way..W/we are expected at 8..Don't wanna be late do you?"..."No m'Lord
where are we going?"...."Ahhhh...that my sweet one, you will
stop with the questions and let's go already." Once again the uncertainty
returns..being from a small town in the south..the lifestyle is so different
from a big city like New York..."But my.."..."true...Do you trust me?"
His voice whispers in my ear as i try to object.."yes m'Lord".."That's
a girl" He drapes a large heavy black cloak over my arms hiding the mind soars wondering why He is keeping me cuffed..I start to
speak..but decide it better if i don't..Looking up into His eyes as He
smiles and places His hand on my back gently leading me towards the door
and out into the hall, i can't help but look around and admire the fine
arts hanging along the walls of the hall as i look back..the dark maroon
carpet centered down the middle of the hard wood floor giving the final
touches of His masculine home. A quiver shudders through me. He pulls me
closer sensing my thoughts and feelings within...

The test of T/trust

Leading me outside and to His car..He helps me heart pounding
in my thoughts going over and over in my mind..trying to think
of things W/we have discussed doing from times past, that He may have
planned for me this evening. Looking over at Him as He gets into the car.
searching His eyes...His eyes assure me...but yet He does not speak...
only reaches over and gently caresses my cheek and starts the car. I brace
myself as He turns the corner and head for the city..gently holding the
cuffs underneath the cloak. Seeming like forever as W/we ride along before
W/we get to where ever it is W/we are going. Wondering why He is not
talking...afraid to speak myself but wanting to so badly..noticing from
time to time as i look over at Him..a smile on His lips. Biting into
my bottom lip trying to will myself to stay focused on my surroundings
and just watch the scenery as W/we go along. Wanting to cross my legs
and shake my foot because of being so nervous..but keeping them apart
knowing how much it pleases Him and wanting to please m'Lord.. i feel
the car slow as He pulls into a parking area and park. Not saying a word
as He gets out and comes around to my door to let me out. Nervously I get
out and stumble, but His arms are around me before i ever let out a sound.
His whisper in my ear.."My sweetness you are wonderful..Don't be afraid..
you trust me right?" a quiver shuddering through me as tears fill my eyes.
"yes m'Lord...with my soul.." Looking up into His eyes seeing His warm
smile...His lips kiss my tears away.. holding me in His arms for a moment
so close..Both of U/us needing to feel this moment before W/we go any
further..."Now..let U/us be on O/our way " His whisper assuring me once and
for all as long as i am with Him..never will any harm come to me, emotionally
or physically..."yes m'Lord"
The true test of T/trust

Gently He places His hand on my lower back..leading me towards the street..

His touch sending a quiver through me...Then i see heart pounds in
my ears...looking up at Him at the same time He looks at me..a smile on
His lips..i want to speak out and ask questions..but before i can.."shhhh
lil one...remember..W/we are O/ are no longer are
one with are Mine" heart pounds as W/we move to the door
of Hellfire...But before stepping inside..His hands come up gently
tieing the silk blindfold back over my eyes...a small gasp escapes me..
I start to object...wanting to pout cuz i wanna see my surroundings.. You
know this..He chuckles..."my lil fiery're so cute when you try
to pout..come now...L/let's go in".."yes m'Lord"..whispering poutedly..
As W/we enter..i hear a soft voice.."Good to see You Lord, and
welcome"..."Hi"...Your voice speaks to the hostess.."I believe W/we are
expected?".."Yes Sir..everything is ready Sir"..."Thank you little
one"...Feeling a gentle touch on my arm, her voice speaks to me."can i take
you cloak sweetie?"...before i can speak...the cloak is lifted away..
"Thank you"..i whisper nervously...sensing my nervousness.. He gently
caresses my cheek ...whispering.."you are doing wonderfully my sweet"..
Leading me along inside the club..i can hear laughter and chatter all
around me as W/we move along..Then hearing the hostess's voice "T/they are
here Sir" heart pounding in my ears..o O ( who is she talking about
and why?)..not sure where i am being led to...suddenly my arms are lifted
very high..being stretched up to where i am standing on my tip toes.. the
cuffs hooked onto i suppose a hook holding me chest begins to
heave as my breathing comes in short heart mind
soaring...wondering where m'Lord is..."Do you trust me true?".. His
voice whispers right next to my ear...clenching the cuffs..squirming as
His words speak to me...whimpers.."yes m'Lord"...suddenly with one quick dress it ripped down the back and off my curved ass..exposing it...
my body shudders and quivers..small gasp coming one after another.. The
room quietens..."Then you will dance for Me now true!"..THWACK THWACK
the whip comes across my ass...the leather biting into my silky skin..
squirming and whimpering..."Yes true..that's for ME my sweet"
THWACK THWACK...the whip comes down again..a little harder..whimpering
out...squirming....breathing rapidly....tears escape out into the blindfold
as my warm passion already very wet from the beginning of the night, begins
to glisten out onto my inner thoughts frantically running wild.
o O ( why is He doing this to me? ).. o O ( this is so humiliating..but
yet so exciting)..o O ( Is this pleasing Him)..o O ( yes it has to be or He
wouldn't do it)..THWACK THWACK..the whip comes down hard against my silky
skin once more..jolting me back to my surroundings.."you are Mine aren't
you my sweet?..And you will dance for Me and all these strangers". "yes
yes m'Lord" voice ragged...squirming...tears flowing into the blind-
fold...His hands move over my burning skin...caressing...His gentle whisper
in my ear.."that's right My little one...your so beautiful"...pressing
my hips back into His hands...Feeling His fingers move down trailing along
my warm passion..along to my sweet nectar spilling out onto
His fingers...whimpering softly..squirming..."that's right for
Me"..throwing my head back letting my golden locks flow down my back...
pressing my hips into His fingers as they move to my passion
building..holding my breath..."are you ready my sweet?"..."yes yes m"Lord" He thrust two fingers deep inside my warm passion. Clenching
my fingers tight around the cuffs..feeling them dig into my wrist..arching
my back as i thrust my hips against His fingers..unaware of anything or anyone
around me except m'Lord...biting into my bottom lip..willing myself to stay
focused and not cum until He tells me ...Suddenly His fingers exit me.
Whimpering and squirming...listening for His voice...everything so quiet.
o O ( where are You m'Lord...don't leave me here..)..suddenly my arms
are being lifted down..and i am led over to a table i suppose and lifted
on top of the cool table..uncuffed and then recuffed spread eagle on the
table...breathing rapidly...wondering what is gonna happen now..and where
is He..and who is cuffing me and...a gasp escapes me as my dress is cut the
the rest of the way off...then hands begin to move over me, rubbing lotion
all over my body..a sweet familiar scent..Victoria's Secret Riviera Sun.
soft gentle hands..o O ( these are not m'Lords hands)...then another set of
hands..soft hands also...move over my body...rubbing lotion ..Their touch
soft and gentle...clenching the the cuffs...pulling at them..arching my
back upward...squirming...then His whisper comes to me as their hands
suddenly disappear..."you're enjoying this aren't you My little one?"
whimpering softly.."yes m'Lord"..."Then shall W/we go further?".. Before
i can even speak...the first drop lands on my silky breast..shivering
as a gasp escapes me...the cold ice then touches my left breast..slowly
running over my breast and to my breathing becomes ragged as
my back arches upward..He whispers as He moves the ice over my heart.
"your heart will never be cold to me will it my sweetness?"..quivering
i whisper.."no m'Lord..never.."....suddenly...a drip..but not cold..sends
sensations through my body as the sting of it burns...o O (hot wax..oh my
God!!..)His whisper.."your heart will remain forever warm to Me my sweetness"
"yes yes yes m'Lord...yes it will.."..squirming..arching my back upwards.
pulling at the cuffs on my ankles and wrist..wanting to feel His touch..
my sweet nectar glistening out onto my inner thighs..wanting to look into
His eyes...every part of my being His...drip drip drip...a gasp escapes
my lips as the hot wax falls onto my smooth skin...against my chest just
over my heart...reminding me how true and warm my heart will remain to
Him and only Him...then click click click click...the cuffs are released.
Gently He pulls me to my Him...kisses me deeply...meeting His
kiss..hungrily kissing Him..suckling His tounge into my mouth..intwining
mine with His...He unties the blindfold and lets it fall to the floor.
O/our Reward

Gently He pulls away..trying to adjust my eyes to the room as i look up

into His blue eyes...Before i can look out into the still quiet crowded
club..His voice rings into my ears.."Kneel before me true"..noticing He
is only in a black silk robe..lowering my eyes slightly..whispering "yes
m'Lord"...kneeling in perfect submission to Him...looking up at head
held high..seeing the passion burning within Him..wanting to please Him.
He steps forward...letting His robe fall open..exposing Himself to me.
His hard cock just at my touch..blushing softly..never taking my eyes
from His..knowing what He wants as i look into His eyes..Neither of U/us
speaking...gently reaching up to His hard shaft..taking it gently in my
hands...caressing it..leaning in softly kissing just the tip of His cock.
gently taking it and caressing my face against passion building
the love i feel like nothing ever before..not caring Who sees..only
wanting to give Him this most sweetest gift...Gently He pulls my golden
locks above my head...running His fingers through it...slowly pulling my
head back away from Him...looking up into His eyes confused..His voice
becomes He pulls something from His pocket.."you are my one
my sweetness..will you be One officially with me?".."will you take this
collar and wear it and make Me proud?" eyes widen as i see the
golden heart races frantically..overwelmed..the tears flow..
trying to control my emotions..choking back as i whisper.."yes... yes..
m'Lord....i will..i will take Your collar and wear it proudly..this
girl is so honored...I love You...."...looking into His eyes through
my tears..His smile warm and true.."you have made me very happy tonight
my sweet true..your trust in me i never are truly Mine"
tears trinkle down my cheeks hearing His words speak to me..whispering
"my heart, soul, body, and mind is Yours"..raising my hair gently.
Looking up into His eyes ...His H/heart my H/heart..O/our H/hearts One.
watching Him as He brings the collar closer...His smile warm and true...
reaching and placing the collor around my neck..fastening a lock through
the back of the latch..reaching down placing a key in my hand.."keep this
close to your heart my sweet true..W/we are One now.."..turning to the
club..speaking.."Let it be known..true is Mine and no harm shall come to
her as long as W/we are together. If Y/you have a problem with her, bring
it to Me and W/we will discuss it"..."Now rise my one and let U/us take
O/our leave.....Rising gracefully..holding my head high..fingers
rise unconsciously to the golden collar touching it... tears falling from my
eyes...unaware of my nakedness...a soft voice whispers.."here my sis..
put this on."..looking over to her smiling softly..whispers.."thank you"
taking the beautiful golden laced dress slipping it on as His eyes watch
This story written by _trueblu.
Hello my F/friends. true will be leaving this page up for A/all to come
and visit. Smiles softly... As some of her very good friends have requested
for her to leave it up so T/they could come back and read it. true thanks
her many F/friends for the kind words and incouragement and strength T/they
have given her. she also thanks T/them for enjoying this page and her
writting. As most of Y/you know, this page was written when she belonged
to Lord Robert, and she wishes to say this page was inspired through her love
for Him. Though O/our door has closed, true keeps her heart strong and true.
she won't harden her heart to regret or resentment. *Smiles softly* she walks
to the door, opening her tiny hand and takes a key and unlocks it. Reaches
over and lays the key in a small trinket box sitting on a table. Leaving it
for that someone who will journey here and place the key about her neck for
Him to take as His own. *Smiles warmly* turns and reaches opening the door
and step quietly out. Seeing a beautiful pebble path, filled with colors
of the rainbow. A calmness moving over her as she begins her journey. she
walks towards a bright shining light, warm as a ray of sun. A small gasp
escaping her as her heart skips a beat seeing an open doorway. she reaches
out to it..........
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