No Rest For The Wicked!! Heh Heh..Special Friends From Afar

Come as you are, as you were, as I wan't you to be, as a friend, as a friend, as I know you would be.

Well I guess I will start wif all my siblings cuz I loves em sooo much.
My sis intangible--Lovin ya lots and lots and lots sis! you have been the most true sis to me, never once betraying our friendship or sisterhood. thank you sis. Momma always did say if ya find one true friend in your life your lucky..I know that to be true with you.*huggles and Smooches* Lovin ya always!!
My sis ysana--Sis love ya lots. you always give me such encouragement. thank you from the bottom of my heart. thank you so much for being here for me. Your so busy these days (I wonder why???).*giggles..go get em sis!*(huggles tight)
My sis tessa--Oh tessa you get me in such trouble. heehee.(so PK says) I don't think you teach me bad habits at all...teehee.*huggles*
My sis Mystic_Angel--Your such a sweetie, but oh those mysty kisses are deadly... [grins] and *huggles* Many happy wishes to you and Dark sis...just watch the mysty kisses. [wink.wink]Of course I am sure the kisses will drive him crazy.[grins]
My sis unruly-pixie--sticks my tounge out at ya cuz ya hit me wif da water sis you and Odin are just the most romantic couple, I wish you all the happiness in the world.*huggles*.Smiles knowing T/they are somewhere so happy together.. misses T/them....
My sis lil_peeps--Da best bartender around.*smiles*makes me the bestest ice and coke. And just a funny sweetie all da way around.*huggles.* I love you sis.. May all your dreams happen for you. your a true sis and friend..i love to sit and let you play wif my hair.. braiding it..i also love your guitar playing and singing. always there to warm my heart.. smiles softly...
My sis raindancer--Love to watch you fly up to da rafters sis.[giggles]..sis your so beautiful..inside and ya..
My sis CyberFoxx--Always in da hot tub.[grins]playing beachball or sippin your drink.*huggles*..Your a sweet sis. Ummmmm {grins} that is til Your subbies come around...heehee...Mistress Foxx....mmmmmmm
My sis*huggles* I miss you sis..
My sis kelei--Your soo sweet.. My heart is always wif you sis We share a common bond. I will always love my brother and miss him. As I know you do your brother.*huggles tight*
My mommy SweetDevilEyes--Hee hee Hiya mom!![laffs]Greatest mom of all. Your a wonerful friend to.*smiles*.Happiness to you..*huggles*..and ummm..{ holds hand out) can i have da gold card?...( looks at you wif puppy eyes )...smiles sweetly..
My sis icey_angel--I hope life gives you everything you sooooo deserve sis!~smiles~ Much happiness to you and Keeper..
My sis LilVampNemesis--Wowee cute fangs.[teehee].(Smiles back at ya) V**V Your.a.nice.lady.sis.*huggles*
My sis WildThing--Your a real nice lady sis. I wish you much happiness.*huggles*
My sis dark elf--hiya sis..let's play some truth or dare.~smiles~ Sis i wish you much happiness with Latin Outlaw...I know He'll take care of you..
My sis jade--I hope life brings you all you deserve!~smiles~..Be happy with Agent sis...smiles softly..knows you will...will miss you not being on as much...but knows and understand completely..smiles warmly...thinking of being with her Lord Robert soon...
My sis Cher--Your a great sis Cher.[grins]and who me michief?[looks around real innocently] ummm i am always innocent sissssssss...giggles...smooches and slips some :P *huggles*
To My Brothers.......
My big Bro Lord Havoc Prime--Sheesh..where do I start wif you? Guess wif a big ole huggles and then ruffling your hair.. heehee. Bro you are such a wonderful person, You have nursed me through so many things. Always there for me. watching after me. Tanxs Bro...Love you lots and lots.
My lil bro Sinjohns_Wort--OH BOY!!.My bratty lil Bro.[ruffles your hair real good.] But gosh you have nursed me through some things would I do wifout you and Lord HP for my brothers.*smiles happily *[giggles] *huggles.ya.tight*.Loves.ya.bro..Oh..and i knew you would see the light one day and convert..giggles..Gonna have ta ask Lady Elf just how good of a lil subbie you are...heh heh...
**LordRobert_69**--Bobby,How do I even begin? I don't think there are even words to be said here. There is one thing I do want to say. God brought you into my life and I will always be greatful. Though this door has closed, This one will always love you and keep you in her heart.
**ParlorKeeper**--Wow where do i start? You have givin me so much m/Lord. When i met You, i was a shy scared lil one, and You changed me and made me blossom out.Thank You for being my protector and guiding me along. smiles softly. You will always be in my heart, and i will always love You. Tight huggles.
**Connor**--You are such a sweetie. You have stood by me and never judged me. Your a wonderful man. Thank you.*huggles*
**Vmd**--OK everybody lets rape V feverently.[teehee] V you are da MAN!! [grins] Your a super wonderful guy...Glad I know you..Loves ya.[SMOOCHES!!]
**Dark Lord**--Stop paintin me pink when I am AFK!.[laffs] You are a great friend and Bro. thank you for being there for me.[huggles] And thanks for the new keyboard. I am sure everyone will be sooooo glad my periods are gone..[lmfao]But not as glad as I am to have a space bar again. Much happiness to You and mysty.
**Lord Lestat**--Mousey Boy..[heehee].Glad your back to normal now.[grins] Your a great friend and ummm now Father...{grins} V** bad my Lordly One want let me bite nobodies anymore..laffs...leans up..kisses Your cheek softly.. whispers...good luck with rory Father...smiles warmly..Y/you two are wonderful together....
**DarkWanderer**--Thanks for being my friend and helping me out.[huggles]
**KeeperOfLostSouls**--[smiles]Your always really nice. glad your my friend. And hey! stop pingin me wif ice! grrrrrrrrrr...Smiles warmly at You...Much happiness to You and icey sis... [huggles]
**KeepOfTheGates--You will never brand this one.[laffs] No way. no how! And stop bonkin me so much.[grins] Glad your my friend.[huggles]
**Master Tickler**--[grins]Tickle Tickle[wink] Thanks for being there for me I wish You and dreams all the happiness in the world.[huggles]
**Storm Master**--[Smiles softly]I think you are a wonderful man. I am glad I know you and look forward to becoming good friends.[smiles] [huggles and smooches] loved writting the stories together...
**Lord Marc**--The proud new daddy.*smiles*And sings off key..[teehee] Your a nice friend.[grins[ when your not making fun of me.[laffs] *huggles*
**It's3AMAnd_I_Must_be_Lonely**--[grins]Sheesh Um I will just call you Matchbox [laffs]Your a real Sweetie. Thanks for listening to me for hours. about my probs[lol]sheesh I know I talked your ears off.*huggles and Smooches*
**MasterMOJO**--(smiles happily playing wif my golden anklet wif lil bells jingling) Thanks for the gift and being my friend.*huggles*
**Father_DeSade**--walks up kisses your cheek. smiles real sweet...Hey Father, look down.... I saved this for last just for you.[giggles and runs like a wild child]*Big huggles*
OH. and this is for the rest of you guys as well.[teehee]oO (boy I think I am asking for trouble)
And For all my many other friends.**HUGGLES REAL TIGHT AND BIG SMOOCHES**
Friend's Without Faces

We sit and we type, and we stare at our screens.
We all have to wonder what this possibly means.
With our mouse we roam through the rooms in a maze
Looking for something or someone as we sit in a daze.
We chat with each other. We type all our woes.
Small groups we do form and gang up on our foes.
We wait for somebody to type out our name.
We want recognition, but it is always the same.
We give kisses and hugs,and sometimes flirt
In PMs we chat deeply and reveal why we hurt.
We do form friendships - but - why we don't know,
But some of these friendships will flourish and grow.
Why is it on screen we can be so bold?
Telling our secrets that have never been told.
Why is it we share the thoughts in our mind
With those we can't see as though we were blind?
The answer is simple. It is as clear as a bell.
We all have our problems and need someone to tell.
We can't tell real people, but tell someone we must.
So we turn to the 'puter and to those we can trust.
Even though it is crazy, the truth still remains
They are friends without faces and odd little names.
---*Author Unknown*
Smiles at her lil hell kat...pats my lap...watching her as she gracefully pads over with such elagance...strokes her back gently as she leaps up into my lap..softy speaking to her as she purrs....leans back in her chair and watches her F/friends...smiling warmly to herself..

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