It's late in the evening She's
wondering what clothes to wear.
She puts on her makeup, and
brushes her long blonde hair.
And then she'll ask Him, do I look
alright, and He'll say yes, you look
wonderful tonight......

They go to a party, and everyone turns
to see, this beautiful lady, is walking
around with He. And then she'll ask Him,
do You feel alright..And He'll say yes,
I feel wonderful tonight........

I feel wonderful, because I see the love

light in your eyes, and the wonder of it
all, Is that you just don't realize...
how much I love you..........

It's time to go home now, and He's got an

acheing head, so He'll give her the car keys,
And she helps Him to bed. And then He'll
tell her, as HE turns out the light, He'll
say my darlin, you were wonderful tonight.
Oh my darlin..you were wonderful tonight....

Midi playing is Wonderful Tonight. I
think this is my most favorite love
song ever.I have listened to it for
a few years now. [grins] (won't tell
how long though) I hope you enjoy this
page as much as I enjoyed making
it. *smiles* I searched many places over
the web, and took many hours looking
and selecting the things that I love.
Picture is from a wonderful card
place called Misbehavin.[grins] Some
really nice art there. I will be
putting more in on future pages.
This one is called Ecstacy.
A Little On The Lighter Side.~S~
Deep in sleep
I do not weep
No Pain
Just playing in the rain
A smile playing on my lips
Running,splashing,doing flips
Suddenly the sun peeps out and a rainbow appears
Washing away ALL my fears
Feeling my being with love and hope
No longer my life is on a downward slope
~~~written by Lattra aka trueblue~~~