My Guardian Angel
To My Dearest Family:
Some things Iíd like to say
but first of all to let you know
that I arrived okay
Iím writing this from Heaven
where I dwell with God above
where thereís no more tears
or saddness there
is just eternal love
Please do not be unhappy
just because Iím out of sight
remember that Iím with you
every morning, noon and night
That day I had to leave you
when my life on Earth was through
God picked me up and hugged me
and He said I welcome you
Itís good to have you back again
you were missed while you were gone
as for your dearest family
theyíll be here later on
I need you here so badly
as part of My big plan
thereís so much that we have to do
to help our mortal man
Then God gave me a list of things
He wished for me to do
and foremost on that list of mine
is to watch and care for you
And I will be beside you
every day and week and year
and when youíre sad
Iím standing there
to wipe away the tear
And when you lie in bed at night
the days chores put to flight
God and I are closest to you
in the middle of the night
When you think of my life on Earth
and all those loving years
because youíre only human
they are bound to bring you tears
But do not be afraid to cry
it does relieve the pain
remember there would be no flowers
unless there was some rain
I wish that I could tell you
of all that God has planned
but if I were to tell you
you wouldnít understand
But one thing is for certain
though my life on Earth is oíre
I am closer to you now
than I ever was before
And to my very many friends
trust God knows what is best
Iím still not far away from you
Iím just beyond the crest
There are rocky roads ahead of you
and many hills to climb
but together we can do it
taking one day at a time
It was always my philosophy
and Iíd like it for you too
that as you give unto the World
so the World will give to you
If you can help somebody
who is in sorrow or in pain
then you can say to God at night
my day was not in vain
And now I am contented
that my life it was worthwhile
knowing as I passed along the way
I made somebody smile
So if you meet somebody
who is down and feeling low
just lend a hand to pick him up
as on your way you go
When you are walking
down the street
and youíve got me on your mind
Iím walking in your footsteps
only half a step behind
And when you feel the gentle breeze
or the wind upon your face
thatís me giving you a great big hug
or just a soft embrace
And when itís time for you to go
from that body to be free
remember youíre not going
you are coming here to me
And I will always love you
from that land way up above
Will be in touch again soon
P.S. God sends His Love
Author Unknown

This page is dedicated in loving memory to my brother Barry Wayne Herbert.
He was murdered June 6,1997.He was brutally murdered for a few dollars
in his wallet.My brother never kept a lot of money on him.He carried money
bags,as he was a small business man and took precautions in keeping himself
safe.The person that robbed him never found the money bags lying under my
brothers body.

I was suppose to be meeting my brother at the time he was

murdered but was running late due to we always stayed up on thursday
nights talking to the wee hours of the morning...smiles...So I was
running late.I know now though that I was not supposed to be there
that day.I have sense come to truly believe that he is my Guardian Angel.
He was always there for his little sis when I needed him.I know he is
still watching over me.Him and my Higher Power.(whom I choose to call
God)..Plus many more angels God has put into my life.Angels that are living
people who have helped me so much in my recovery.Helped me to see and be able
to forgive to be able to move on with my life.Most of all Barry helped
me to understand the true meaning of unconditional love.I love and miss
him very much.He was a kind and loving man.He would give to anyone who needed
help.He was always smiling.

Here are a few Angels I found on the web that touched me.Also,

I added a few pictures of Barry and his chidren.These pictures bring a smile
and warmth to my heart everytime I come here.I dedicate
this page to you Barry.My brother and dear friend.
Your little sis,
This is Barry with his daughter Magdalyn, always a smile on his face.
Thought I would share this.I always loved it.Smiles... This is Barry,
Jonathan, Mag, and David. Barry was getting a good back massage from
Jonathan, while Mag massaged Jonathan, while David massaged
Looks like David was getting the short in of the stick don't ya think?
lol...Barry loved his children so much, they were his life.

Sometimes my cross is hard to bear
For there is darkness everywhere,
And troubles pile around me,
Like autumn leaves forever more.

The morning light seems far away

Like I am stuck in yesterday.
My heart is beating like a drum,
I try to pray but words won't come.

But then the sun begins to rise

And hope is born within my eyes.
A rainbow forms among my tears,
For faith is stronger than my fears!!

We are all just one in spirit

Manifested in a form.
The connection's been forgotten,
So we're caught up in a storm.

But this Angel will remind us,

Lead us to a place within
To release all of the burdens
So the healing can begin.

For the presence of this Angel

is compelling us to see
There's no place within the future
For old prejudice to be.

Since the dove is of the Angel

Or the Angel's of the dove
Yet it doesn't really matter
When their hearts are filled with love.

Now, with Light the storm is clearing.

There's awareness in the air.
Feel the Angels all around us
Showing us they really care.

Author Unknown

The Starlit Angel has it all.
She's reached the stars and heard the call.

She's comfortable upon the moon

Where she can sing a special tune.

Her essence is pure joy you see

She wants to share with you and me.

She's like a little star so bright.

She bursts with love emerged in Light.

This Angel has a special dance

So call her name and take a chance.

Now catch a falling star at last

Let go of hurt, forgive the past.

And in this moment just today

Release it all, come out and play!

Author Unknown

This Moment

I may never see tomorrow; thereís no written guarantee,

And things that happened yesterday belong to history,
I cannot predict the future, I cannot change the past,
I have just the present moment, I must treat it as my last,

I must use this moment wisely for it soon will pass away,

And be lost to me forever as part of yesterday,
I must exercise compassion, help the fallen to their feet,
Be a friend unto the friendless, make an empty life complete,

The unkind things I do today may never be undone,

And friendships that I fail to win may nevermore be won,
I may not have another chance on bended knee to pray,
And thank God with humble heart for giving me this day.
Author Unknown
Midi--Wind Beneath My Wings.This song was sung at Barry's funeral.
He was and always will be the wind beneath my wings, and my
Guardian Angel.

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