True and Intangible Sisters

Welcome and come journey through our hearts..our souls..our faithfulness.. our desires..our.warmth..our true friendship......
Welcome to True and Tangiís page. This tribute to our sisterhood was created by True in order to help others understand just how special friendship is and can be. In this picture, my sis True is leaning on my shoulder. Although she says I am the strong one, I often find I need her strength as well. The dreamy look on her face, with just a hint of sadness, betrays the fact that she is the romantic one. See that look of determination on my face? I am a Libra, the seeker of justice. Hurt my sis, you hurt me. Payback can be hell.
Tangi's thoughts
They're Sis's
They're sexy and dynamic
Intelligent, don't ham it
You gotta understand it
They have it cause they're sis's

They're cool and classy ladies

They're open, never shady
It's yes or no, not maybe
You know it cause they're sis's

They'll weave their spell around you

Amaze and then astound you
They'll kiss you and confound you
They'll do it cause they're sis's

They'll love you sweet and tender

Support, if you'll defend her
They're givers, never lenders
You see, it's cause they're sis's
True's thoughts
Here I sit in thought
Of what our sisterhood has brought
I look out at my surroundings and see you
The beauty of it all is so true

For you see I am looking at a strong tall tree

That is you sis being there for me
Like that tree strong and tall
You would fight my battles one and all

As I look up to the sky

Evening clouds of soft white,grey,and blue passing by
Faithfully here each and everyday
As you are sis,a beautiful sunray

This is what I see before me as I sit thinking of you

Our sisterhood strong,faithful and true.......
whisper into the night those coveted little white lies and i will believe rather than look into your eyes as in my deafness i chose only the poison which i hear words of deception that you pour into my awaiting ear.

as i linger to be fed by the golden mouth of your deceit the words of love blowing softly that i beg you to repeat special sounds of chimes transforming me, a blinded soul ringing with distant thunder that taunts me to uncontrol.

echoing with the decadence that i long to drink into my skin drenching me to dark desires door where i bravely enter in yet i drink within the cup of fools and wisdom takes a nap a journey on a deserted road to which there is no map.

yet feed me with the lies i beg, as i dare not ask the truth romance me with a flaming tongue which strips away my youth in roses cover me with enchanted green muses of story sweet tales protecting me from wickedness of the ship of time that sails.

for a moment in time i want to escape all madness of reality you wisk me away in midnights tone from all the insanity caress my ears that burn for more even though i know i'm wise yet whisper into the black of night those coveted little white lies..........

she walks in clouds of fluffed crown seeing yet oblivious to all that surround in meadows of poppies she hears a song of melody secrets vows that abound cloud walker dance to its rhythm..

flying in beauty has been her way on a magical horse of winged flight he carries her everywhere that her heart desires a pegasus of journey in a fanciful flight winged mare prance to its rhythm..

mystery does seem to become this rose in bloom as her mind drifts a million light years away glowing so steady in precious petals of pink to blossom and seize the fullness of today mysterious rosebud waltz to its rhythm..

she hears the voices of a thousand golden tears seemingly embraces each one with the essense of nows in silent harps that rain in tunes of emotion knowing she will fulfill all her secrets vows embraceable silence cry to its rhythm in her secret vows.......

I loved him, somehow i know i did yet he speaks and says i did not. For a moment in time i almost doubted myself thinking the pureness of my heart did rot. He hurled at me the words of deepest hate that sent chills up and down my spine. Of how i had ripped him with a vengence turning his heart to a blood coloured wine.

He demanded i give him all of the kingdom which we built with love and tender care. I didn't know which way to turn for shelter as a whirlwind of my spinning soul he did share. Unbelieveing what i witnessed with my own eyes the cold darkness of bitterness of soul He in hasty wrath began destroying it all showing his nature of blackness out of control.

He calls this my pen of poison which i write the highest compliment that he ever paid. For he wasn't satisfied til he killed all my love by stabbing it with swords repeat in a land made. To think that i would ever be blatantly whipped and entertain accusations of uncaring dare. But his secrets and lies are safely hidden for no revenge upon his heart i bear. So poison me with you black hate, i no longer care.......

Whispers to her sis tangi as her heart almost stops from fright as she sees Him...
"Who is that sis just over the bridge?"
Tangi whispers back to her sis while taking her by the arm leading her away...
"Tis the One we shall always beware of sis. Come now let us leave."
Midi playing is one of tangi's and my favorite songs...We think it says a lot!**Grins and pokes her sis**...(Midi Stairway to Heaven)