Happy New Year!!!!!
Lord Robert and trueblue

Hi everyone! Robert and I would just like to take a moment to wish all of Our friends a very safe and happy new year. I myself would like to start out just saying that when I had my first experience with technology online the world wide web… lol… in February of this year, I never in my wildest dream imagined the friends I would be so fortunate to meet. I'm really glad I met ya'll… Smiles saying that in my sweetest hospitality southern drawl… laffs… I truly am blessed to have met all of you my friends. Even though I know we have all had our ups and downs, I myself just know that those were past moments and this is here and now. Smiles warmly… A new year beginning !! I just want to say one last thing and then I'll give da floor to Robert… giggles and pokes Him… I just wanna say " Thank you all for being in my life and most of all Bobby I love you Honey." Ok ok I'll shut up now... heehee... and let my Lordly One say a few words...crawls up in His lap and snuggles close nuzzling His neck .o O ( distracting Him of course) and listens quietly....

Thank you, now I have to try and concentrate… lol… Well, I don't have too much to add to my lil ones words… 'cept that I agree soundly with her sentiments and look forward to starting the New Year with her and with all of you… and to wish you all a very Happy and prosperous New Year, and may it be better than the last one and all the rest before. And to my Lattra.. I love you, too.. and I'm gonna stop so I can eat her up now.. heh heh