I Am

When the darkness seeps in,
The hopeless gates of hell open up and begin.

The chill embracing my whole being,
As my fears push the light beyond seeing.

Slowly it's power and seduction will decieve,
Offering it's sweet pleasure only to relieve.

Whispering in my mind "I'm here"....
Weakly, I whisper "No please" as I shed my first tear.

Frantically my mind races in thought,
Remebering the pain and suffering it has brought.

My eyes have seen this, my words speak true,
The living hell this power has put me through.

Yet in my darkest hour of anger,
I only want to escape to this controlling danger.

I wonder am I hated for thinking this way,
Or am I understood for what I go through this day.

If I did, how could you love me or be my friend,
I think for me, this would be the bitter end.

As my thoughts drift back in time to where I came from,
My heart pounding like the beat of a drum.

I close my eyes and quickly get humble,
Thanking the heavens above, I did not crumble.

As I sit thinking hard and well,
At my life back when it was a living hell.

Never wanting to forget this I swear,
For if I do,life won't be able to bare.

Seeing the reality and looking at this day in it's jam,
I only know, I am what I am..........

                                                   Lattra S.AKA trueblue

Midi playing--Comfortably Numb-Pink Floyd